"I always prefer to work in the studio. It isolates people from their environment. They become in a sense... symbolic of themselves"

Richard Avedon
Brooklyn indoor studio NYC


This is truly my second home, and I love every inch of this perfect 360sq.ft. white cube filled with so much sunlight from sunrise till sunset.

Dusk is the my favorite time to be here. The studio slowly shifts hues from sparkling white to warm gold, then pastel undertones join, the walls turn into rose pink and ochre, and after dark it still has a glimpse of this Vrubel-like mysterious deep purple tint. 

This is my place to connect and to disconnect at the same time. At the studio, my phone is used only to play music through Bluetooth or to capture behind-the-scenes. This is my time to truly CONNECT with people I photograph. 

56 Bogart Street, Brooklyn